Morocco Sentences Saharawi Activist to Five Months for Protesting with Western Sahara flags

This is an old photo of Ali Saadouni. 
The scars of injuries on his face are as result
of the violence at the hands of Moroccan police.
Nushatta Foundation Staff
Fri, 14th June, 2019
Under the pretext of false charges of drug possession and violence against a policeman, a Western Sahara independence activist was handed down five months by the Court of Appeals in the city of El-Aaiùn; one of the biggest cities in Western Sahara, which is the last country struggling with decolonization in Africa.
The unfair final sentence of five months was rendered yesterday, Thursday,the 13th of June, 2019, against activist Ali Bou Jamma Saadouni, by Moroccan authorities over the occupied territories, as retribution for his non-violent political activism.
Paramilitary policemen kidnapped Ali under the cover of the night last April and subjected him to inhumane torments inside an unmarked car and later at the police headquarters. That incident took place on the public boulevard of Tan-tan in the city, after a video showing him planting on a around-about flags of the Polisario flag of the exiled SADR Government had gone viral on social media.
Ali, who is forming a part of the “Cooperative of those rejecting Moroccan Nationality” group, has confirmed to all presiding judges, and through all the court hearing sessions, that he was tortured at the hands of high-ranking Moroccan officers. Furthermore, he claimed that the police reports were fabricated and had a fake signature because they were trying to punish him for supporting the self-determination of Western Sahara, which has had an ongoing dispute between Morocco and POLISARIO, the representatives of Western Sahara’s people.
Moroccan occupying authorities have been persecuting Ali and the pro-Western Sahara independence activists on multiple occasions, as each year the international NGOs call on the UN to act on the MINURSO to monitor human rights in both the Moroccan-controlled parts of Western Sahara and the Saharawi refugee camps in the southwest region of Algeria.
The UN mission of MINURSO has been in effect in Western Sahara and the Saharawi refugee camps in Algeria since 1991. After the ceasefire between Morocco and POLISARIO, the UN promised a referendum, but it has been blocked so far by France, which is Morocco’s main ally.
Morocco erected the biggest military wall, out of sand; it is infested with millions of anti-personnel mines and it has divided the territory of Western Sahara since its invasion in the nineteen-seventies.

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