Moroccan Authorities of Occupation Deport Two Dansih Activists from Western Sahara

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Friday 18th, October 2019.

El-Aaiùn- ( Western Sahara ) Moroccan authorities of occupation expelled two Danish activists on Thursday 17th, Oct 2019, from Western Sahara territory, after they were stopped by Moroccan police at the checkpoint of El-Aaiùn entrance; about 5 kilometres from the city, trying to get in, one of the Danish activist Neumann, told Nushatta Foundation.

Mille Neumann and her Katinka Klinge Albrectsen who are from the Danish Global Action had arrived last night at Al-Massira airport of Agadir, Morocco from Copenhagen, and headed towards Western Sahara through a bus aiming to hold public meetings with human rights defenders and pro-Western Sahara independence activists in the occupied cities of El-Aaiùn and Dakhla.

El-Aaiùn – ( Western Sahara ) Moroccan policemen had subjected the national Danish activist Mille Neumann and her colleague – the photo journalist Klinge Albrectsen to investigation in the checkpoint for two hours and a half, in term of the root causes behind their visit before they were informed that they are “persona non grata” as they have sympathy with POLISARIO; the UN-recognised movement of Western Sahara people.

“They took our passports and questioned us for more than two hours about the reason for our trip, our work and about some of our photos on Facebook in Sahrawi refugee camps,” Neumann explained.

It has commonly been assumed that the expulsion of the Scndanvian activists, is not an isolated case, as Morocco systematically impose a military blockade on the banned territory of Western Sahara from the world according to international orginzations like Human Rights Watch, Reporters Without Borders, and Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights.

On the contrary of that, Morocco who has been occupying Western Sahara since 1975 militarily, justifies the expulsion of the international activists from the territory of Western Sahara as a legitimate act that would draw a line to those serving foreign policy agenda.

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