An Injustice Against Saharawi Woman


Sunday 17th, Nov 2019
Nushatta Foundation Staff

El-Aaiùn – (Western Sahara) A Moroccan judge passed an order of arrest warrant against a pro-Western Sahara independence activist woman, who denied the unfair ruling being handed down to her cousin, a teen boy, who is suspected of participating in the Algerian team’s victory celebrations at the African Cup, that turned deadly in the last July of this year, in El-Aaiùn city, Western Sahara.

This last Friday morning, Nov. 15th, 2019, the Saharawi activist woman, Mahfouda Elfakir, was reportedly arrested while she was inside a courtroom in El-Aaiùn city, and she was convicted of “obstruction of justice,” for the dissatisfaction she expressed when protesting the unjust sentence of month in prison that was given to her teen cousin, Mansour Elmoussaoui, age 15, and who Moroccan occupying authorities were accusing of taking part in the violent clashes that took place the evening of last July 19th, following the murder of a young woman at hands of Moroccan police.

According to Elfakir’s husband, she spent the whole night in police custody in difficult conditions under interrogation before she appeared without a lawyer at the Public Protector’s office, who decided to put her in the preventive detention.

Mahfouda Elfakir, who is a young mother to two children, is aged 35, has been subjected to torture during the last few years by Moroccan police, in retaliation for her efforts as an activist for the Gdeim Izik movement for peace. It is apparent that women are being targeted because of their vital roles in the community.

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