Western Sahara: Sahrawi Internee Mohamed Haddi On Hunger Strike

Nushatta Foundation Staff

Sat 30 Jan, 2020

El-Aaiùn, Western Sahara – Teen years after the first spark of the Arab Spring, Gdeim Izik camp in El-Aaiùn city, occupied Western Sahara, and Sahrawi internees like Mohamd Lemain Haddi remain imprisoned.

He has been going on a hunger strike since 16 days ago; protesting jail difficult conditions such as lack of healthcare, mistreatment and so on. Haddi is held in Tefilt prison, in Morocco.

He, like so many behind the bars, is subjected to systematic revenge, in retaliation for political opinion pro Western Sahara independence. He was sentenced to 25 years and formed the group of Gdeim Izik.

They are made up of 23 activists who had been handed down by a military court in 2013 to heavy sentences ranging from 2 years to life imprisonment.

These unfair sentences were finally confirmed by the Court of Cassation in last November after the activists moved to a civilian court in 2017, to be sentenced to the same previous retaliatory provisions sentences.

A heartbreaking video of Hadid’s mother goes viral on the platform of social media. She appeared crying and calling upon the international community to put an end to her deep grief and suffering her son and his colleagues of the Gdeim Izik group have been experiencing since teen years ago.

” My son is not a criminal to be isolated from the world in solitary confinement with his very critical health situation Haddi mother said.

” On November 8, 2010, deadly clashes erupted between Moroccan occupying forces and Sahrawis, after a violent attack against a peaceful camp hosting over 15,000 Sahrawis in Gdeim Izik, around 10 miles east of El-Aaiùn city of occupied Western Sahara.

Since the breakout of the war in Western Sahara in last November between the Western Sahara Independence movement POLISARIO and Morocco, which militarily occupying the country, the Sahrawi internees have been clearly mistreated by Morocco.

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