Video : Tape of ” Poetry Has Triumphed ” With Hamza Lakhal; Saharawi Poet

Nushatta Foundation Staff
Nov 22, 2018
” Poetry Has Triumphed ” is the first series interview of Nushatta English Project ” Stories From Western Sahara.” At this work, Nushatta interviews Hamza Lakhal; A Saharawi poet from the occupied territories of Western Sahara.
Lakhal has had to endure to much suffering at the hands of the Moroccans in retaliation of his non-violent political and cultural activities he used to to protest against the substandard situation that lacks universities, cinemas, theatres, pools, hospitals, and all the simple requirements for normal life.
As result of Lakhal rebelling against such situation, he was hindered to pursuit his education for twelve years. More details at below tape.

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