Who We Are

Nushatta Foundation for Media and Human Rights is a non-profit, non-governmental media and human rights foundation based in the Moroccan-controlled Western Sahara.

Nushatta Foundation has been working in the field of media activism and human rights advocacy since its establishment in 20 June, 2013. Nushatta Foundation memebers are Saharawi youth between the ages of 18-27. They  have gone through many difficult experiences such illegal detention, torture, kidnapping, harasment, and other things at the hands of the Moroccan authorties.

All of Nushatta Foundation members have been suffering the mentioned wrongfull behaviours by the state of Morocoo since they are teenagers. And so far, we still take risks in fully unsafe environment where covering cases of abuses is almost impossible because of the Moroccan blockade and oppression.

Our staff members consist of media activists and human rights defenders over all parts of Western Sahara also in the Sahrawi refugee camps south-west of Algeria. As a media and human rights plat-form, we depict and record what takes place inside the Western Sahara territory where the Moroccan state on daily basis commit abuses aginast the Saharwis pro-Western Sahara independence who are from different ages and sexs.

Nushatta Foundation, therefore highlightes the abuses of human rights, produce professional scenes, footage, news, articles, music and artworks. Furthermore; we advocate for human rights defenders, produce reports, investigate abuses against demonstrators, monitor cosely the situation of the Saharawi detainees held in the jails of Morocco.

All of our works whether visible or written are produced in English and Arabic. They are being published on media networking mainly Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.

Nushatta Foundation for Media and Human Rights strongly believes that human rights are red lines we have all to prefect with all provided means.